Surviving the Storm

Let me tell you something about myself...

I've been through more storms in my life than I can even count, including: 

  • poverty
  • being sued
  • bankruptcy
  • foreclosure
  • divorce
  • betrayal
  • fraud
  • multiple deaths
  • murder
  • suicide
  • a broken leg
  • I moved 19 times in 22 years
  • the engine of a car I was driving literally blew up and caught on fire while I was driving it
  • I fell into a fire (different fire) and had full-coverage third degree burns on my primary hand
  • two auto accidents, both resulting in injuries and the total loss of my car (neither were my fault)
  • part of my thumb on my primary hand was cut off
  • I supported myself since the age of 14 and put myself through high-school, college, law school and two bar exams, and miraculalously graduated with honors, while simultaneously working full-time, not to mention starting a law practice straight out of law school, in two states, no less
  • I had a stroke that rendered me blind and incapacitated for two years
  • And, I won't even get into my incredibly tragic childhood, which includes things like being sexually assaulted at 11 years old by a stranger who broke in, followed by my father being diagnosed with brain cancer and dying when I was 13 years old, followed by my home burning down at 15 years old, followed by then being on my own and homeless and figuring out how to support myself and finish school
  • I endured all of this with virtually no guidance or help

And there's much more where that came from.       

So trust me when I say, I know what it's like to endure the hell of life's storms. That's precisely why I'm incredibly compassionate toward others when they endure storms. I truly get what they're going through!!  

By all rights I should have felt victimized and paralyzed by the many tragedies I've endured since the day I was born. My life could have and should have gone so far south, many times over, as is the case with many people who experience incredible trauma. I certainly made many mistakes along the way, but I refused to be a victim so I chose to go north instead of south. 

I have always felt empowered and compelled to learn as much as I could about myself, others, life, and the world, because I had an insatiable need to survive, understand, and thrive. So I've been intensely studying and practicing psychology, sociology, human behavior, philosophy, communication, relationships, and spirituality my entire life. I probably have the equivalent of a doctorate degree in those areas by now, in addition to my doctorate degree in law. I have a deep understanding of human beings, and animals for that matter!

I'm incredibly grateful for the profound wisdom I have gained from enduring these traumas, which has resulted in my life being tremendously peaceful, full of love, and internally wealthy. And, I have a gift of being able to help others attain the same.

My purpose in life is to share my wisdom and strength to help others survive the storm. In addition to being an attorney I'm also a Martha Beck trained life-coach, which gives me the unique ability to holistically assist you with both the legal and non-legal aspects of the storm you're enduring. 

I'd love to help you navigate the tumultuous terrain of the storm, and guide you into a new state of thriving, so please contact me today!   

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